The Color of Cats Diversity Training

Census data indicate that the U.S. is one of the most diverse nation’s on the planet, and nowhere is this diversity more evident than in our schools. Educators are hearing the word “inclusion” more and more, as they teach children from a wide variety of backgrounds.  At no time in the nation’s history has it been more imperative to prepare children to deal with the nation’s diversity.

The Color of Cats: Creating Inclusion in the Classroom© is an enjoyable, interactive diversity learning experience for preschoolers and primary grade students (K-3).

This ready-to-use learning tool offers teachers an easy way to create a classroom community that respects and values diversity. The program features a delightful e-book that engages children with a storyteller, rhyming verse, animated graphics, printable coloring pages, sound and interactive games. A unique Teacher’s Guide has six classroom lesson plans that make the program fun and non-threatening. The easy-to-use Guide includes instructions on how to get the most out of the program, key questions to initiate dialogue, a glossary and facilitation tips to help you succeed.

A companion CD-ROM features colorful PowerPoint slides to use with the six lessons. The presentation slides are designed to entertain, while emphasizing key ideas. Additional support materials on the CD include printable coloring pages and interactive games that allow you to adapt activities for an entire class or individual students. The carefully constructed lessons and activities are flexible for all age groups. It’s a fun way to keep children engaged as they learn to define diversity and appreciate differences among their peers.

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